What are the advantages of buying a new build home in the UK?


Each year, it seems like there are more new build homes popping up than the year before. Data published by Office for National Statistics shows that more than 206,000 new UK homes were built in 2021-22, more than a 20% increase from the year before and the highest number for any financial year in the previous decade. With this in mind, it’s likely that you’ll encounter many new build homes while house hunting. While new houses are a popular choice for many homeowners, you need to understand what the benefits are in order to decide if a new build is for you.

So, what are the advantages of buying a new build home in the UK?

Modern living

Developers design new build homes for modern families. This means including the layouts, technologies and amenities that people expect today, but didn’t even exist until recently. Many new build developments come with additional facilities outside of the homes themselves, such as green spaces, playgrounds and communal gyms.

Greater durability

While mistakes can always happen during constructions, good developers produce new builds that are more durable than even the most robust old homes. This is because they use the latest building techniques and today’s higher-quality materials, which enable them to ensure that new builds are robust and require less maintenance work.

Higher energy efficiency

As they’re built today, new build homes are typically more energy efficient than older models. According to the Home builders Federation, people who live in new build homes save around £2600 a year on energy costs. Modern developers use everything we’ve learned over the past few decades about sustainability to design homes that are far more friendly than anything the Victorians could’ve come up with.

Greater accessibility

Many first-time buyers consider getting on the property ladder to be hopeless. But new build homes offer a more accessible option. Government schemes such as first homes, help-to-buy or shared ownership that help buyers get their hands on a set of keys are only available for new build homes.


It’s possible to buy a new build home ‘off-plan’ – which means you’re able to choose your own fixtures and finishes. This lets you put your own touch on your new home, helping you to feel more comfortable in it and saving you the hassle of doing work on it after you move in.

The bottom line

Buying a new build home can offer significant advantages, from offering you a more modern lifestyle to helping you cut down energy bills. Regardless of whether you’re already a homeowner or looking to finally get on the property ladder, consider whether these benefits would help you get the most from your home.


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