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With non-commodity elements now making up between 40-50% of electricity bills, and with many of these costs being associated with the evolving energy policy landscape, Darren Lennon, head of strategic sales at npower, explains how a new wave of ‘Fixed: Certainty’ tariffs will help UK businesses accurately budget for the years ahead.

Darren Lennon

With energy bills increasingly becoming a bottom-line cost for the UK’s major energy users, it is not surprising that we have seen energy enter the boardroom debate. A key topic among this debate is accuracy and transparency when it comes to budgeting for energy bills.

In today’s marketplace, energy bills contain so many unpredictable costs – from commodity prices that can change hourly, to transportation and network charges influenced by a whole host of elements. It’s these variables that can make a real impact on a business’ margins.

Taking into consideration the flexes in government policy, as well as commodity costs, we have worked behind the scenes to develop a tariff that will support our customers in the ever-changing market. We have designed a tariff to meet the needs of the board, provide budget certainty for the duration of fixed contracts and deliver a promise not to reconcile against costs that are agreed as fixed.

For our electricity customers, this includes the Feed-in Tariff and Renewables Obligation, both having caused problems and volatile bills for businesses in the past. As a result, fixing these costs will enable companies to have a clear and stable monthly budget for energy.

The new tariff, launching on 7 July for our industrial and commercial business customers,
is available across both power
and gas.

Whether you are partnered with us or another supplier, you can find out more about the Fixed: Certainty tariff and discuss the new product with our dedicated team at


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