Ylem repurposes landfill gas engines for flex at old colliery


Ylem Energy has repurposed engines from its landfill gas fleet and deployed them at an old colliery in Lancashire.

The 6.6MW scheme will now be used for grid balancing.

The company has also installed 20MW of gas engines at the Trafford industrial area outside Manchester city centre and said it has a further 150MW pipeline.

Formerly Ener-G Natural Power, Ylem emerged after Centrica bought the Ener-G CHP business and brand name.

The company historically built landfill gas engines and has a 180MW landfill gas portfolio. Waste Directives mean that portfolio can no longer expand in the UK, so Ylem is diversifying into flexibility.

It has built the first co-located landfill gas-battery storage project in the UK to date at Harewood Whin near York, deploying a 1MW Dowell battery and charging it via the generators on site. The firm also touts behind the meter capability for industrial and commercial businesses.

MD Ian Gadsby said the UK needs diverse sources of flexibility as it continues to decarbonise power:

“You only need to look back to the regional blackout experience in the summer of 2019 to see what happens when generation capacity trips and large amounts of the grid supplies are disrupted,” he said.

“We’re fully committed to growing our own portfolio of generation assets and have embarked on an ambitious programme of constructing self-financed flexible generation and storage assets that are proactively participating in the balancing market.”

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