New electric vehicle HyperHubs are opening in York which aim to act as a blueprint for EV charging facilities in cities.

The Monks Cross HyperHub, next to one of York’s Park and Ride sites, which opened this week, is one of the largest EV charging hubs in Northern England.

It features four 175kW ultra-rapid chargers, which can be upgraded to 350kW when more EVs can charge at this rate, four 50kW rapid chargers, with an adjacent area having thirty 7kW chargers for Park and Ride users.

There is also a solar canopy allowing the site to generate its own renewable energy which can be stored in the Tesla Powerpack batteries at the hub, helping to reinforce the grid.

The ultra-rapid and rapid chargers, designed for cars and vans, use contactless payment, and the facility has been designed with no kerbs to allow disabled access.

A second HyperHub is also set to open next to the Poppleton Bar Park and Ride site in the summer, and a third is due to open near the city centre later in 2022.

City of York Council secured £1 million of European Regional Development Funding and £800,000 from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, along with £400,000 of the Council’s own capital funding to install the first two HyperHubs.

This has resulted in 80% of the £2.2 million project being externally funded.

Jonathan Roper, Principle Renewable Energy Consultant at EvoEnergy said, “The York HyperHubs, with elements such as ABB rapid and ultra-rapid chargers, solar energy generation and battery storage, act as a technology showcase.”


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