The first Yutong GTe14 tri-axle battery-electric coaches are set to make their UK debut in the first quarter of 2024.

Marketed by Pelican Engineering, the GTe14 will come with a standard battery capacity of 422kWh, designed to offer an estimated range of 200 miles.

There will also be an alternative option of a 563kWh configuration, projected to extend the range to about 280 miles.

The GTe14 will incorporate CATL battery packs and the integration of ZF axles will be seamlessly integrated, complemented by an actively steered tag unit.

The model will come in at 13,970mm in length while also offering a maximum capacity of 61 seats – however, Pelican anticipates that most customers will opt for a slightly reduced seating arrangement of 57.

Notably, the model will also offer a centre sunken toilet alongside compliance with accessibility regulations.

The first vehicle is to be built in September 2023 and will bear a strong resemblance to the existing diesel-powered GT12 two-axle coach.

Yutong recently revealed its TC15E model, a 15m battery-electric coach sharing design elements with the GTe14, but with unique dashboard configuration, and which is now being sold to customers in northern Europe.

Simon Collins, UK Coach sales manager at Pelican said, “The GTe14 is fundamentally a tri-axle, battery-electric version of the GT12.

“Additionally, Yutong’s rear-view camera system also comes with the prototype. With Pelican’s commitment to innovation, we are offering this feature as standard for the GTe14, whilst also leveraging the same 21st-Century equipment that is already established across its existing bus range.”


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