ZipCharge has revealed the EV charging infrastructure designed to house its new portable chargers.

The GoHub comes in two variants; a single sided unit which houses five portable powerbanks while a double-sided unit can accommodate ten.

Both fit comfortably into regular parking spaces and are suitable for a variety of locations, including on-street, in car parks, at work and in private environments.

ZipCharge Go portable chargers vary from 4 to 8kWh in capacity and simple charging from a domestic plug provides 20 to 40 miles of range.

It also takes about 30 to 60 minutes to charge the vehicle depending on the battery capacity and vehicle efficiency.

ZipCharge Co-founder, Jonathan Carrier says the company plans to deploy 100,000 GoHubs globally by 2030.

He added: “The ZipCharge Go and the GoHub enable the storage of clean energy, which can then be distributed for a multitude of uses from charging an EV to powering equipment.

“We predict our portable powerbanks will outsell fixed home chargers by 2030, in the same way mobile phones overtook landlines.

“That’s because the Go can be used for more than charging EV charging, it’s a portable energy storage device for personal energy management.”

ZipCharge Co-founder, Richie Sibal, “The Go and the GoHub are integral components of our future energy platform, one that combines hardware, software and distributed energy storage in the home and our public energy points to provide a wide range of energy services for our customers.

“We will use technology to solve the inequality that exists around access to charging and energy by placing a ZipCharge Go unit within five minutes’ walk of where people live and park.”


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