New digital system map to harness the power of data to deliver Net Zero


Building on the recommendations of the UK government’s Energy Data Taskforce, Energy Networks Association (ENA) is working with Ordnance Survey (OS) and 1Spatial to build an in-depth digital system map of the UK’s energy system. This proof-of-concept project will test the model ENA is developing for a full National Energy System Map which will include network assets, generators, and energy intensive users.

Network data from all Britain’s electricity and gas network operators will be pulled into an integrated, digital energy system map covering all of Great Britain. The map will provide customers with information about energy network assets, where those assets are located as well as who owns them.

Making this information available will improve investment decisions, support new markets like the UK’s local flexibility market, and help bring new renewable connections to the energy networks.

Driven by decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation, the digital system map is an important way that energy networks operators can serve their customers by helping them develop quicker, more efficient, and cheaper ways to deliver a cleaner energy system.

Dan Clarke, head of Innovation at Energy Networks Association which represents the UK and Ireland’s energy networks businesses said, “Providing more transparency of the electricity and gas networks will help companies in and out of the energy industry to make investment decisions more intelligently. Crucially it can support emerging markets and help projects like new renewables sites or electric vehicle fleets connect to the networks.”


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