A guide to industrial transformers


A guide to industrial transformers and their uses

Industrial transformers are a vital component in any factory or workplace as they’re responsible for delivering a safe voltage to machines around the building without changing the electrical power delivered.

Without industrial transformers, there would be an unbalanced current going into the machines, which could damage them or injure a member of your workforce. This can be extremely costly for your business and so, understanding how they work and their importance is a must.

Read our guide below to learn more about industrial transformers, which are a part of the power transformer market worth an impressive $19 billion U.S. dollars. We’ll discuss what they are, how they work and why they’re so important, so be sure to read on to find out more.

What are they?

These transformers are used to alter the electrical voltage to the correct amount to power devices in industrial settings but they don’t reduce the electrical power amount to ensure machines receive the right amount of electricity, at a voltage they can manage.

These tend to be much larger than more conventional transformers which may be used in households and industries that use these types of transformers including manufacturing and oil extraction.

How do they work?

Unless you’re a trained expert, understanding exactly how these transformers work can be difficult. These essentially work in the same way as any other transformer and we’ve broken it down into several simple steps to help.

  1. An alternating current is put through the primary coil in the transformer
  2. The primary coil is responsible for producing a magnetic field that can change as the current does
  3. The transformer’s iron core can then increase the magnetic field’s strength, which introduces a new voltage to the transformer’s secondary coil, which will be the new alternating current suitable for your machines.

Why they are important?

These are vital to the industrial sector and without them, huge problems can arise. Here are some of the main reasons industrial transformers are so important:

Accuracy – These heavy-duty machines can only operate efficiently when the alternating current is at the right level.

Safety – A report from 2022 highlighted that there were more than 120 workplace deaths as a result of exposure to electricity in 2020 and this number could be significantly higher without the great work that industrial transformers do.

Reliable – Industrial settings need currents that they can depend on and can be changed depending on the task at hand. Industrial transformers can do just that and can also be relied on when dealing with mechanical, thermal and dielectric tasks too.

These devices play a huge role in this country’s industrial settings, which makes sourcing the right ones for your business vital.



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