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TinyTag Product Range 02In this advertorial, Gemini Data Loggers outlines the benefits and applications of its Tinytag data loggers.

Environmental monitoring can constitute a key part of effective energy management. Tinytag data loggers provide a cost-effective solution, monitoring power consumption, temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, voltage, current and count. Tinytags help identify and evaluate energy saving initiatives, help validate building systems performance, and help ensure the comfort of occupants.

Standalone Tinytags record data which is downloaded to a PC for analysis. For sites with multiple monitoring points, the Tinytag Radio System is an ideal solution: data is gathered automatically using wireless communications and sent via a receiver for direct viewing on a PC, across a LAN, or remotely across the internet. Recorded data is presented clearly as graphs and tables in the versatile and easy to use Tinytag Explorer Software.

Typical Applications

Monitoring the performance of HVAC systems:

Tinytag temp/RH data loggers help validate whether HVAC and building control systems are working correctly. Along with CO2 loggers, they can also help ensure that optimum air quality is maintained. The Energy Logger checks motor efficiency and records power usage in HVAC units.

Monitoring the efficiency of building materials:

Energy and temperature data loggers assess efficiency savings when roof, wall and window insulation is improved or replaced.

Monitoring the efficiency of equipment:

Count data loggers help assess boiler efficiency by monitoring consumption over time, while voltage loggers record when a boiler is firing to help evaluate optimum performance.

Energy and temperature loggers assess the efficiency of refrigerators, recording power usage against temperature. Count loggers can be used to record and monitor door openings which will affect the energy performance of a particular area.

Evaluating replacement lighting systems:

The Energy Logger is used for before and after monitoring to assess the performance of low power lighting installations, which can be a very effective means of reducing energy consumption.

Typical costs (excl. VAT)

  • Entry level temperature loggers from £50
  • Dual channel temp/RH loggers from £99
  • CO2 loggers from £325
  • Energy Logger (single and three phase power monitoring) £795
  • Radio data loggers: bundles of three temp loggers/receiver/software from £1000

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