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shutterstock_131578766In this sponsored post wastewater technology and services firm Jacopa says it has agreed a deal to implement the IFS Managed Cloud on Microsoft Azure, in order to help the company maximise its business development and efficiency.

As part of its separation from previous owner Ovivo when Jacopa was created earlier this year, the company committed to moving from its ex-parent’s IT system by November 2015. Given this deadline, and in line with its focus on leveraging productivity and skills through innovation and development, the company opted for a fully managed solution that could be deployed quickly with minimal business risk.

The platform is being provided by global enterprise applications company IFS in a deal agreed with approved network services partner and reseller Anthesis. IFS, will help to provide Jacopa’s employees with real-time access to information on key processes such as purchasing, manufacturing and support.

Jacopa Managing Director Alex Lloyd said: “An important aspect of our productivity improvement is the connectivity of one business process with another. Here the opportunity to innovate around enterprise resource planning systems that use workflow templates, connect business information across workflows, have remote input and ready access and use of data for user and management tasks and decision making will all play a part.”

Within the UK regulated water industry, there is an ongoing focus on delivering more effective and efficient services. Jacopa believes its business needs strong IT and processes behind it to support supply change and align to the challenge by driving productivity improvements.

“IFS Applications is a great fit for our industry needs, and helps us manage all aspects of our business effectively,” says Lloyd. “Deploying on Microsoft Azure makes the platform even more agile in light of our future ambitions, and the fact that the solution can be delivered out of the box is even more appealing, we are already reducing cost and complexity for our teams, enabling them to focus on customer needs.”

IFS Europe West, Managing Director, Paul Massey said: “We are delighted to support approved partners from the IFS Partner Network, such as Anthesis, in delivering complete implementation projects in the energy and utilities market, where we have a proven track record. Our fully managed ERP solution offers Jacopa an outstanding cloud-based platform that will support its future growth ambitions by driving transparency across its business and providing it with the ability to quickly adapt to change.”


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