AHU and energy recovery company Weger Air Solutions realises UK ambitions


A new company Weger Air Solutions has been formed and acquired the assets of Thermal Technology (Sales) with the aim of expanding sales with the UK. Weger GmbH had been selling its range of air handling units (AHU) for over 10 years in the UK through Thermal Technology (Sales).

Weger is a family owned company that has been making air handling units for 36 years, it has 3 manufacturing bases: South Tyrol Italy, Hungary (serving Eastern Europe and Russia) and Munich. It also has an assembly base in Cairo serving the Middle East. Units are also sold in North America and Brazil.

Weger employs around 300 people and has a turnover of £42m. At present there are several thousand units installed in the UK across a variety of sectors from large hospitals, universities, schools academies, distribution warehouses alongside oil rigs and tankers.

A new office has been set up in Wiltshire and the transition from one company to the other will be seamless.

In addition to the Weger Standard Diwer and Economic ranges of AHUs, 2 new products; the Diamant and Mundaria ranges have been realised in the UK. The Diamant range features thermal wheels for high efficiency air to air energy recovery. The Mundaria range is aimed specifically at hospital operating theatre applications and includes a completely packaged DX heat pump systems and controls.

Weger is also looking for regional sales agents in certain areas and welcomes companies or individual enquiries admin@wegerair.co.uk



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