Amazon’s first custom electric delivery vehicle


Amazon has revealed its first custom electric delivery vehicle, designed and built in partnership with Rivian.

It aims to have 10,000 custom electric delivery vehicles on the road worldwide by 2022 and all 100,000 by 2030. This is part of The Climate Pledge commitment of Amazon to be net zero carbon by 2040

This is one of three different models that Amazon has invested in and customised with Rivian to enhance the driver experience and optimise safety such as Alexa integration allows for for hands-free access to route information and the latest weather updates.

“We are working to advance and implement the technology that will support these vans—ranging from the physical charging infrastructure to enhancements and optimisation of our delivery stations,” said Ross Rachey, director of Amazon’s Global Fleet and Products.

Prior to investing in Rivian, Amazon was unable to find electric options that met the needs of its drivers and delivery operations. Instead of waiting for the industry to advance, Amazon partnered with Rivian to accelerate the path to an electric delivery vehicle that fit its needs.

“We hope our custom electric vehicle helps create a sense of urgency in the industry to think big about embracing sustainable technology and solutions—whether you’re a package delivery company, a logistics company, an ice cream manufacturer, or almost anyone else with vehicles on the road,” said Rachey.

In support of The Climate Pledge, Amazon is committed to create a zero emissions fleet by 2040. To achieve that, Amazon is transforming its transportation network around the world through electrification innovations, efficiency enhancements and alternative delivery methods. We recently announced that we’ll be adding more than 500 electric delivery vehicles to our fleet in the UK this year as part of an order of 1,800 electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz Vans for our European fleet.


  1. Amazon has some very large HGVs so I wonder if they will convert them to clean energy as well? For heavy vehicles, hydrogen power makes more sense.


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