Back-up power for luxury Mayfair location


Generator-Power-system-Upgrade-at-Grade-II-listed-offices-300x224As part of an extensive refurbishment of grade II listed offices in Mayfair, London, the Generator Company has upgraded the back-up generator power system, ensuring reliable uptime for businesses located at the formidable Grade II listed property.  Originally constructed between 1665 to 1673, the property was built on the site of Berkeley House. It encompasses office space of 71,700 ft2, with a view of one of London’s most beautiful parks, and is surrounded by the West End’s most prestigious streets, including Piccadilly, Stratton Street and Berkeley Street. This impressive commercial building provides the ultimate location for companies looking for affordable luxury offices, hence the investment in the upgrade.

The modernisation at this site not only included the new interior design of the commercial office space but also an overhaul of the mechanical and electrical facilities and services. The solution included the bespoke design and build of three new 500kVA prime rated diesel powered Volvo TAD 1641 generators with a narrow base and alternator housing to fit into the existing basement plantroom.

The company also installed a bespoke built Master Control Panel (MCP) based on Deep Sea Electronics Panels DSE8660 providing complete power management of the new system as well as interfacing with the existing switchgear and building management systems (BMS).

Generator-Power-System-Upgrade-at-Grade-11-listed-offices-12-300x200As part of the project, the Generator Company also designed a cost effective way of cooling the back-up generators as well as the plantroom they are located in. Instead of using expensive remote radiators to combat overheating, the company’s engineers were able to utilise the fans on each of the generators’ engines to blow the hot air out of the room via an existing pre-tested mains flue to discharge at ground level.

From receiving the project approval, it took just 2.5 months to remove the old and out of date plant and install the entire new back-up generator power system. The new modernised back-up generator power system now reflects the new refurbishments at this grade II listed commercial property in London’s Mayfair which provides a stunning, contemporary location for business offering premium quality office space with dramatic architectural construction.


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