Bexley Borough Council has appointed charge point operator Ubitricity to install and maintain a network of 100 on-street EV charge points across the borough.

Through the partnership, Ubitricity, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell, will install and manage the public charging infrastructure, which will be made up of a combination of its bollard and street lamppost chargers built into existing street furniture on residential roads.

The charge points, which take two hours to install, will be deployed across Bexley – with at least two per ward within the borough – and will charge at speeds of up to 5kW.

Ubitricity, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shell Group, hosts a network of more than 7,000 public charge points.

Councillor Richard Diment – Cabinet Member for Places said: “Installing these chargers using existing lampposts means that there is less physical infrastructure to install and disruption will be kept to a minimum, keeping our street green without cluttering them.

“We are excited to work with Ubitricity and look forward to expanding our network of charging points across the borough.”

Toby Butler, UK Managing Director of Ubitricity said, “The future of mobility is electric and the multitude of EVs taking to the roads must have access to convenient charging infrastructure close to home,”

“We’re thrilled to add Bexley to our list of council partners across the UK whose trust has helped Ubitricity become the UK’s leading charge point provider and look forward to helping support their residents in the switch to EV.”


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