Britain’s biggest distributed network operator UK Power Networks is urging people to remember safety in 2024.

The company that provides regional power service to London, the South East, and the East, says safety is always its Number One priority.

Ahead of  the United Nations’ World Day for Safety and Health at Work this Sunday, UKPN says it continues to keep safety at the forefront of the minds of those working close to the electricity network, including contractors, suppliers and technicians outside the company.

Working closely with haulage & construction operators, farmers, landowners and agricultural workers and the emergency services, UK Power Networks’ public safety team engages as many people as possible to highlight the risks of working around the network.

Through partnerships, face-to-face events and communications that include magazines, social media and trade newsletters, the company continues to reach all relevant trades to make sure workers know how to access underground cable plans, safety information and are aware of the risks involved.

In addition to working with industries the public safety team also work with young people highlighting the importance of knowledge and education around electricity, and its inherent dangers.

Free resources are available to the public such as “Think Before You Dig” and “Look Out, Look Up” flyers, stickers and even air fresheners adorned with safety information.

From UKPN’s public safety team, Rosalind Forbes said: “Since the start of 2023, the public safety team have engaged with hundreds of thousands of people.

“Our safety campaigns promote safe behaviours and encourage the sharing of information and knowledge, highlighting the potential risks of working around the electricity network and the importance of planning every job.

“In addition to this we have free resources available to the public such as ‘Think Before You Dig’ and “Look Out, Look Up” stickers, leaflets and films that support safe working.”


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