BT cuts energy bill by £25m, plans to shift EE to 98% renewables in 2017

BT: Big energy savings.

BT cut energy costs by a further £25m in the last financial year, reducing consumption by 2.7%. The firm said energy cost savings since 2009/10 now total £221m.

However, overall consumption increased by 12.5% due to the acquisition of EE. That drove UK energy and fuel spend up to £341m from £307m the previous year.

The acquisition also increased overall water consumption by around 17%, although BT said like for like, it had reduced its own consumption by 5% through leakage reduction, monitoring and targeting, and asking suppliers to cut water usage.

The company reiterated its commitment to sourcing 100% renewable electricity locally and globally where possible. The EE acquisition has reduced the UK figure to 84% and worldwide from 95% to 82%.

However, the firm said it has “plans in place to move over 98% of EE’s directly-billed electricity supply onto renewables during 2017 and have increased our renewable contracts outside of the UK”.

While BT said last year it had already hit its 2020 carbon intensity targets (on a productivity basis) the company is now exploring how to wrap EE’s footprint into the equation.

The company said scope 1 and 2 emissions this year totalled 12.3 tonnes of CO2 per £m in revenue, a decrease of 1.5% on the previous year and of 86% against its base year of 1996/7.

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