Burland Energy and General Electric to provide Electrical Infrastructures-as-a-Service


GE Consumer and Industrial SA and Burland Energy SA have entered into a cooperation to deliver

Risto Thurén, President of Burland Energy

UPSaaS and Facilitate  to mission critical facilities. The UPSaaS (Power Conditioning-as-a-Service) programme is a way of provisioning conditioned electricity to mission critical applications, such as data centres, medical facilities and telecommunication infrastructures. UPSaaS is transferring customers from buying physical assets to buying the output (conditioned electricity) with fixed energy unit (kWh) pricing, thus benefiting from pay-per-use experiences.

Facilitate (Electrical Infrastructure as a Service) is a comprehensive service to maximise the operational availability of the applications/facilities on pay-per-use basis and it covers all components and services, allowing customers to better manage their actual and future needs. Facilitate includes UPSaaS and COOLaaS (Cooling-as-a-Service), which are also available as separate products, along with back-up power and power distribution.

All programmes liberate budgets from the support assets to create more efficient working capital management. By liberating balance sheets from the burdens of ownership, the programmes release capital investments.

Customers will never assume ownership of any assets to provide system availability (representing a move from CAPEX to OPEX). Furthermore, rather than fixed monthly payments, such as traditional leasing solutions, the monthly billing is based upon a fixed rate per kWh consumed. This includes all needed products, installation, preventive maintenance, service, spare parts and battery changes for the entire duration of the contract.


“After the launch of UPSaaS last year and COOLaaS earlier this year Facilitate finally covers all areas of the electrical infrastructures as a true service,” says Risto Thurén, President of Burland Energy “Welcoming GE and their knowledge to our global ecosystem elevates our service offering to totally new levels.”




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