Expert shares ‘the truth about UPS energy efficiency’ and the cost to the NHS

Michael Brooks, managing director, MPower

MPower UPS, has announced managing director Michael Brooks, will present at the Healthcare Estates Management Conference to be held at The University of Salford, Manchester on 25 July 2017.  The conference, which is aimed at estate managers in the NHS, will explore how efficiencies can help save costs and improve clinical outcomes within the healthcare industry.

“Eliminating the risks of computer and equipment downtime is essential for those working in critical environments such as the NHS,” comments Brooks.  “Uninterruptible power supplies provide continuous power availability, fault-tolerance and remove single points of failure, and are necessary to ensure availability.  However, energy efficiency also needs to be considered carefully, as this impacts on the overall cost of system implementation.

“Therefore, in the presentation: The truth About UPS Energy Efficiency – The Real Cost to the NHS, as well as examining the need for power supply continuity, I will evaluate optimum system design, efficiency and de-risking in addition to exploring total cost of ownership including ongoing maintenance costs.  Delegates will gain an insight into selecting the right system for the job, discovering the importance of the correct ancillary infrastructure and learn about optimising energy efficiency to control costs.”

Michael Brooks has worked in the UPS industry for more than 30 years and in 2005 founded MPower UPS Ltd.  The Company is now a leading international provider of comprehensive, high quality and reliable uninterruptible power solutions to a diverse client base including healthcare environments, government departments and the NHS.

For further information on the conference, click here


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