Businesses need a clear energy plan to combat climate change


With more businesses looking for less carbon-intense electricity sources, there are now a host of smaller energy suppliers taking on the ‘big six’, offering all-renewable electricity. Haven Power decided to supply 100% renewable power, at no additional premium, from January 2018 and is able to deliver this as part of the Drax group – one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of renewable electricity.

The ability to provide full traceability to renewable energy sources is becoming a high priority for a wide range of organisations that either have a high public profile or are high energy users. Data centres, water companies, hospitals, engineering companies and airports are among the many sites that are moving to renewable energy.

Gatwick, for example, has worked with Haven Power to become one of the first airports in the world to go for 100% certified renewable electricity – saving the airport enough carbon to fill Wembley Stadium five times.

According to Paul Sheffield, from Drax Retail, the use of renewable energy by UK businesses is increasing as companies become more ambitious in terms of reducing their carbon footprint. Speaking at The Energyst Event, he commented: “Businesses need to have a clear purpose – a purpose that links to what is energising the younger generation of today, and that is to take action now to combat climate change. If businesses have a clear purpose and energy plan, they will really make a difference to the challenges we face.” To view the video, click here


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