AI modelling to deliver huge cost savings for large energy users


Energy procurement and risk management needs to be digitised, unified and placed onto one powerful platform, argues Joe Warren, from ZTP. For this reason, the company has developed an intelligent energy management platform, called Kiveev. Highlighted at the Energyst Event, the solution brings together live market pricing with non-commodity charge algorithms – providing visibility and management as total delivered costs.

ZTP’s Joe Warren comments: “With more volatility comes more opportunity. If people have the ability to purchase their energy in a more sophisticated manner, huge savings can be achieved – of around 10-15%. We are using AI modelling to inform these decisions.”

Alex Hill from ZTP explains that Kiveev delivers value by unifying and digitising the processes associated with flexible contract management and provides advanced functionality to improve the management tools available to key energy buyers.

To view an exclusive interview, featuring the new technology, click here.



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