Cambridgeshire County Council eyes solar-storage prize at landfill sites


Cambridgeshire County Council plans to build co-located solar and battery storage on closed landfill sites and thinks it can make a 25-year net return of more than £45m.

The council is progressing plans for a 10MW battery and 2.25MW of PV at the Stanground site. It will use the assets to provide demand-side response services. It is also planning a 3MW battery at the nearby Woodston site.

According to an outline business case submitted to the council’s commercial and investment decision in August, the council hopes to make almost £1.8m in year one by providing balancing services to National Grid from the sites, plus some export from the PV at Stanground.

For a total investment of £12.2m, the council hopes to make a £45.9m net return over 25 years. It would use the income generated to fund critical services.

The council is working with design and build contractor Bouygues E & S.

See details here.

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