China-based battery manufacturer CATL has revealed details about its EV battery, capable of delivering 249 miles of driving range with a 10-minute charge.

Shenxing, which is expected to achieve mass production by the end of 2023, is a 4C superfast charging lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery which is also claimed to have a range of more than 435 miles on a single full charge.

The technology leverages super electronic network cathode technology and fully nano-crystallised LFP cathode material to create a super-electronic network, which facilitates the extraction of lithium ions and a rapid response to charging signals.

It combines superfast charging, high energy density and a high level of safety at the same time, advancing innovation in the battery industry.

Other benefits include charging as normal at low temperatures.

CATL says at room temperature, Shenxing can charge to an 80% state of charge in ten minutes and enable a 0-80% charge in 30 minutes in temperature as low as -10°C.

EVs equipped with Shenxing are expected to be available on the market in the first quarter of next year.

CATL, which supplies to Tesla, Toyota and Volkswagen, believes the new battery will considerably alleviate fast charging anxiety for EV users, and open up an era of EV superfast charging.

Dr Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL, said: “The future of the EV battery technology must remain steadfastly anchored at the global technology frontier as well as the economic benefits. As EV consumers shift from pioneering users to ordinary users, we should make advanced technology accessible for all and enable everyone to savour the fruits of innovation.”


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