Centiel to present on ‘achieving power protection perfection’ at Data Centre World 


Centiel will be presenting at Data Centre World to be held at Excel in London, 21-22 March. At 11.45am on the first day of the show Michael Brooks, managing director, Centiel, will present on: How close to the perfect UPS is 4th generation modular UPS technology? In this discussion, he will describe the perfect UPS and consider how close the latest UPS technology is to achieving power protection perfection. 

At 10.15am on day two, David Bond, chairman, Centiel, will look at whether the latest UPS technology, if correctly configured, can significantly improve both power availability and operating efficiency in his presentation entitled: Can 4th generation modular UPS technology improve datacentre availability above that required by Tier 4 (>99.995%) and help achieve a PUE <1.1?   Both presentations will be held in the Energy Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM Theatre.

David Bond, chairman, Centiel, explains: “The perfect UPS is 100% available, 100% efficient, takes up no space and costs nothing to purchase. With this in mind, we need to consider how close 4th generation modular UPS technology is to perfection and therefore what else needs to be done to achieve power protection perfection.”

“We also need to consider,” continues Bond: “how 4th generation modular UPS technology can help achieve the often mutually exclusive objectives of very high data centre availability and very low datacentre PUE.

“Tier 4 datacentres, in order to achieve the required high levels of availability, attempt to remove all single points of power failure by duplicating UPS systems (2N) and by adding parallel redundancy into each UPS (2N+1). The problem is that such duplication causes the UPS to be operated at a low point on their efficiency curve and hence adversely affect the datacentre’s PUE.”

Bond concludes: “Our day two presentation will discuss how 4th generation modular UPS, if correctly configured, is able to combine the benefits of “nine 9s” availability with very high efficiency even at low loads.” As well as presenting at Data Centre World, Centiel will be showing its leading-edge UPS solutions on stand: D1035.


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