Choose the right tyres for your EV, warns TyreSafe


Owners of EVs could in for a shock if they do not pay close attention to the tyres they choose when the originals need replacing, according to TyreSafe.

The UK safety charity says EVs are well-known for being heavier than their petrol or diesel equivalents, so an owner must be aware of their tyre’s load rating when a replacement is needed as well as maintaining the recommended tyre pressure at all times.

Another consideration is the impact tyre choice can have on an EV’s range, due to its ‘rolling resistance’.

Minimising rolling resistance while providing adequate grip seems like a contradictory requirement but this is a key performance characteristic for EVs to ensure maximum range, says TyreSafe.

The tyre also needs to be robust as EVs produce maximum power from standing.

This places high demands on the rubber compound, which needs to be of the right mixture of components and have the appropriate tread pattern to provide a lifespan comparable with petrol or diesel vehicles.

TyreSafe has released detailed advice for EV owners in the ‘About Tyres’ section of and advises drivers to familiarise themselves with the technology.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe, Chair, said: “Tyres are an extremely sophisticated piece of technology, which we all too commonly take for granted.

“However, drivers of electric vehicles must be aware of how different they could be to those on other cars, and when it’s time to replace the original tyres, owners need to ensure they are buying the right specification.

“Choosing a like-for-like tyre will allow EV owners to enjoy the full benefit of the electric car revolution and reduce the risks of an incident.”


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