Compare the market: LCP launches GB Power Investment Index


Energy consultancy LCP has launched its GB Power Investment Index which enables investors to compare the expected profitability of different power technologies as the UK transitions to a Net Zero power system. 

The Index, delivered through an interactive website, tracks the value of both the existing GB fleet and new technologies over time. This allows market participants to directly compare investment opportunities instantly, see how this value varies across a number of scenarios to understand the risks associated with each technology, and quickly identify how sensitive each technology is to policy and market changes. The Index also tracks how valuations have changed over time, with commentary explaining the key changes impacting both the energy market and individual asset profitability. 

Tom Porter, Partner and Director of Strategy at LCP, said:

“The route to Net Zero requires investment on a scale we have never seen before in the energy market, providing investors with a hugely exciting opportunity. However, the rapid changes occurring in the sector across policy, regulation and market dynamics mean the decision over which asset to invest in has never been more complex.

“That is why we have built the Power Investment Index, which simplifies these complex dynamics into easily digestible insights, allowing investors to quickly understand the impact of all of these changes on their investments, putting them in a better position to act.”

LCP and Frontier Economics will also deliver a quarterly webinar series entitled ‘Investing in the GB Power Market’, which will drill into key market updates and policy changes that investors need to be aware of, and explain what the implications of those changes are. Sign up to receive updates on future webinars here.

See the GB Power Investment Index here.


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