Council installing 16 Alfen EV charging points


Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is installing 16 Alfen EV charging points at car parks across the area.

The 7kw-22kw chargers, rolled out by the council’s EV partner, Hertfordshire-based EB Charging, will offer a range of 24 to 80 miles based on a one hour charge.

A total of four charging points have been installed at the new multi-storey car park in Hatfield town centre, providing power for eight electric vehicles.

Another 12 vehicle charging points, providing power for 24 electric vehicles, will be fitted in car parks across the borough by the end of April.

They are the result of a successful funding bid to government which saw the council awarded more than £100,000 from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

The council’s financial contribution to the project (£13,832) will be taken from the budget reserve earmarked to support climate change initiatives.

Dan O’Hara, CEO of EB Charging, said, “This month’s installation of 16 new Alfen double and twin electric charging points will make EVs even more convenient for people living and travelling in Welwyn Hatfield.

“We’re delighted to be working with the Council and Alfen on this expansion of the charging infrastructure and hope the increasing volume of on-street chargers will encourage more people to switch from diesel and petrol cars to electric vehicles.

“This switch to EVs is an important step in reducing our national collective carbon footprint and in improving air quality for everyone across the borough.”

Cllr Stephen Boulton, Executive Member for Planning and Environment, added, “Today marks an important milestone in the move towards zero carbon emissions in the borough.

“However, to enable people to switch to electric vehicles, we need to provide the infrastructure to help residents make that change.

“We therefore hope to secure further Government funding so we can continue to expand our EV charging network in Welwyn Hatfield.”


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