Cut your energy bills with modular UPS


Electricity is your data centre’s single biggest operating cost

All that power to keep your servers and ICT equipment running, not forgetting the air conditioning so it stays operating safely, can easily add up to 60% of your overheads. With demands for data storage and processing intensifying in an increasingly interconnected world, any inefficiency in your data centre design causes unnecessary waste and expense.

Modular uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) deliver substantial efficiency improvements and energy savings in server rooms across the country. They enable data centre operators to do more with less, offering more reliable power protection and enhanced efficiency, using less electricity and space.

4 Reasons Why Modular UPS Makes Sense

Modern, modular UPS systems offer data centre managers several advantages versus older, inefficient static cabinets:

  • Enhanced efficiency:a modular UPS runs at up to 96% efficiency across a range of power loads, even as low as 25%. You’ll waste less energy and cut your electricity costs
  • Small footprint, simple scalability: compact yet power-packed modular units take up far less space than larger, standalone towers. That’s more room in your data centre for extra racks. And when it’s time to expand, just “pay as you grow” and add in extra power modules
  • Keep it cool: modular UPSs use transformerless technology that generates less heat than older, transformer-based UPS units. That means you’ll need far less energy-intensive air conditioning
  • Straightforward maintenance: each element of a modular UPS is hot swappable. So if there’s a fault or failure, the specific module can be replaced without compromising your ongoing critical power protection

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