Data Centre World: could dual chemistry battery technology open the door for demand-side response?



There is increasing interest in participating in grid balancing services (demand-side response) according to Yuasa’s Stephen Wheeler. Speaking at Data Centre World, he commented that, by making premises autonomous, at certain times, it is possible to “relieve the pressure on the grid.” Traditional Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) technology is not suited to grid balancing activities, so data centres are starting to look for alternatives.

With this in mind, the company unveiled a dual chemistry battery system at this year’s Data Centre World. Designed to utilise the best of both Lithium-ion and VRLA battery technology, the system contains 12 GS Yuasa LIM50EN-12-F2 Li-ion high energy modules connected in parallel with FXH VRLA types to the same DC bus of a UPS.

The dual chemistry system offers the low cost and recyclability of VRLA together with the higher efficiency and operational flexibility of li-ion. It allows lower capital cost UPS systems to be installed with lower operating costs and reduced electricity consumption.

Data Centre World also saw the unveiling of a new Yu-Power battery monitoring package, consisting of the Yu-Power YPCBM2 Battery Temperature Logger, the Yu-Power YPCD01 Battery Temperature Logger USB Wireless Receiver and accompanying dynamic software.

When used together, the Temperature Logger and Wireless Receiver monitor temperature and voltage, communicate wirelessly and determine if a battery system is operating within recommended guidelines. These products ensure long service life and reliable performance by continually monitoring key parameters.

The Yu-Power YPCD01 Battery Temperature Logger USB Wireless Receiver comes with powerful analytic software designed by Yuasa engineers. This software performs real-time accurate voltage and temperature data logging; produces temperature and voltage alerts in the form of graphs; has easy detection, set-up and personalisation of up to 1000 data loggers; and allows for customisable data downloads.


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