No ‘mass exodus’ to the cloud


A global survey of over 1,000 data centre executives, conducted by the Uptime Institute, reveals that hybrid datacentre infrastructure is now the dominant strategy for enterprises – organisations have their own data centre infrastructure, but are using colocation providers, as well as some Cloud providers.

“We are not seeing a wholesale exodus to the cloud platform… Enterprise-owned data centres are still the primary compute venues,” says Matt Stansberry, senior director of content and publications, Uptime Institute.

While the majority of IT organisations are moving some of their workloads to the cloud, the percentage of workloads residing in enterprise-owned/operated data centres has remained stable at 65% since 2014. On average, respondents reported that nearly two-thirds of their IT assets are currently deployed in their own data centres, with 22% deployed in colocation or multi-tenant data centre providers, and 13% deployed in the cloud.

IT resilience is growing, complementing redundancy. The majority of companies (68%) rely on IT-based resiliency. Using an IT architecture with multiple, geographically distributed data centres, they rely on live application failover in the event of an outage.

At the same time, 73% of respondents said they are not deploying lower redundancy physical data centre sites despite increased adoption of IT-based resilience.


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