Data centre temperatures to rise and London demand to fall?

Data centres to shift from cold rooms to luke warm aisles?
Data centres to shift from cold rooms to lukewarm aisles?

Data centres will become warmer over the next five years as industry adopts Ashrae standards, according to Global With’s Derrick Allen. “Lukewarm aisles” could be expected, he said. Colt Technology Services VP Robin Brown agreed DCs “are going to get warmer.”

The two were part of a panel session on the future of data centres at the recent IP Expo in Docklands.

The panel also suggested a shift in industry dynamics. As businesses realise that non-critical data does not necessarily need to be stored in metropolitan locations, the sector “will see a return to edge of network facilities”, according to Andrasta Consulting’s Nicola Hayes.

Colt’s Brown agreed.

“People are becoming increasingly mature about what forms of data they want in which types of sites,” he said.

“I think geography is global now. We are looking at more and more people wanting to take fewer racks but [which are] more geographically dispersed.”

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