Santander banks on Morrison for data centre power connection


DSC_4053When retail banking giant Santander decided to establish a new data centre in Leicestershire, it chose Western Power Distribution to manage the connection to the electricity distribution network. The firm then awarded Morrison Utility Connections the contract to design and build the new 132kV Grid Substation. In this sponsored case study, the connections company explains how the plan came together.

The new substation would ensure the continuous power supply needed to maintain access to millions of customers’ records and had to be completed by the fixed deadline. With a tight programme, every detail had to be meticulously programmed to prevent slippage.

When the site was ready to begin receiving equipment and saw the transformers were manoeuvred into place at the new Grid Substation. This followed months of planning and preparation work at both the Carlton Park and the Enderby Grid substations.

Enabling works involved clearing the Carlton Park site and diverting gas, water, fibre optic communication cabling and electricity away from the substation’s future home. This procedure needed to be undertaken accurately and carefully to prevent any loss of supply to other customers. 132kV double circuit cables were also installed to link the Enderby and Carlton Park sites.

With the route between the two crossing a patchwork of land owned by National Grid, Western Power Distribution, the local authority, private landowners and Santander itself, detailed planning and execution was required.

As designer and principal contractor Morrison Utility Services undertook a design, project management and coordination role on the project, managing both the Carlton Park and Enderby sites as well as four service partners who performed key roles within the project. Morrison Utility Connections was also the central liaison point ensuring successful communication with Western Power Distribution, Santander and other organisations involved in the data centre project.

Morrison says that benefits of its approach included:

  • Efficient delivery on time and within budget further enhancing the client’s reputation.
  • Designer role providing complete control over the design process and enabling more efficient programme management.
  • Project management role ensuring accurate management of all aspects of the work.
  • Extensive turnkey substation construction experience enabling the design and build of a new grid substation in just 10 months.
  • Stakeholder management expertise ensuring smooth project delivery whilst meeting all parties’ expectations.
  • Meticulous safety management resulting in no accidents or incidents during the course of the project.

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