Domestic demand-side response: £8.6m competition winners announced


Thirteen projects aiming to unlock domestic demand-side response from hot water tanks, home storage systems, car batteries, heat pumps and rooftop solar have been awarded £8.57m via the government’s domestic DSR competition.

A consortium led by PassivSystems took the largest single amount (£1m) to test out “commercially funded bivalent heat pump and gas/oil boiler heating systems with advanced DSR controls and aggregation and rewarding customers for the DSR services provided”.

A Green Energy Options (Geo) consortium was awarded just under £1m for its Core4Grid project, whereby it will try to prove ‘hybrid homes’ can cut energy bills in half. It will install an “integrated DSR system as part of the fabric of the home, and therefore paid for via the mortgage or rent – as happens with a heating system.”

Evergreen Smart Power’s consortium won £941k to develop domestic grid services based around EV charging and electric heating. It will use MyEnergi’s Zappi and Eddi hardware to manage loads in response to grid signals, with devices registered and optimised via its virtual power plant (VPP).

A Greater London Authority-led consortium was awarded £928k to for its ‘Home Response’ project. That aims to “demonstrate how electrical hot water heating and solar PV with battery storage technologies can be used in social housing to help Londoner’s cut their energy bills, financially reward flexible use of energy, reduce emissions and contribute to a smarter, cleaner energy system for London”.

See the full list of winners here.

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