Don’t get into hot water when it comes to point of use heaters


As energy managers look to strike the right balance between the performance of a building’s technology and its total cost of ownership, many are exploring ways they can maximise energy optimisation.

To ensure hot water is effectively delivered to a building, whilst simultaneously keeping running costs to a minimum, product selection should go beyond simply looking at upfront cost. Energy managers should therefore pay increased attention to the efficiency and durability of hot water systems, which can drastically impact their ongoing expenditure as a result.

Control your costs

Intelligent and adaptive technology is one of the best ways to reduce the total cost of ownership of a hot water system. Smart thermostatic controls are capable of continuously monitoring usage, and within a few weeks can learn the typical patterns of a building.

Given that water demand is rarely uniform, the system adjusts output accordingly, self-managing through peak and trough demand periods in order to maximise efficiency. Crucially, this can result in a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 19%. 

Support when you need it

Heatrae Sadia’s Multipoint Eco utilises the latest technology, such as featuring a vacation mode, to ensure water isn’t heated unnecessarily and that output is carefully controlled to match demand.

With an ErP rating of up to A, depending on the output, it provides energy managers with the peace of mind that total cost of ownership will be as low as possible.

What’s more, the Multipoint Eco comes with a two-year warranty, offering added reassurance.

Improved functionality

The overall usability of unvented point-of-use water heaters, such as the Multipoint Eco, reduces interaction time, which is a contributing factor to total cost of ownership. Aside from the above smart features, which negate the need for constant human interaction, the displays and controls on a system should be as easy to use as possible. An intuitive design provides easily-accessible temperature readings and enables users to quickly familiarise themselves with the controls, freeing up time for them to undertake more demanding tasks.

A rounded solution

With numerous tasks and considerations to take on board, energy managers are challenged with delivering a reliable hot water supply, amongst several other crucial building services. Opting for hot water solutions that prioritise energy optimisation on a continual basis will significantly ease the day-to-day pressure.

For more information on Heatrae Sadia’s latest Multipoint Eco range of unvented water heaters, please visit here.


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