Government awards contracts for 5.5GW of offshore wind


Government has awarded contracts for almost 5.5GW of offshore wind under the latest contracts for difference (CfD) auction.

Prices taken by generators for the contracts stabilise their revenues between £39.65 and £41.61/MWh, a significant reduction on previous auctions.

The government also awarded contracts at the same rates to developers of four onshore wind projects on Scottish islands totalling 275MW and two energy from waste plants, totalling 33.6MW.

Wave and tidal projects could not compete at those prices.

See the contract winners below. All schemes are set to start delivering power between 2023 and 2025.




  1. Hello Brendan,
    What will happen if, in the future, UK will have negative prices? I think, In Denmark ,wind farm owners having CfD contracts may loose money…
    Thks in advance for your comment


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