E.ON partners with UK renewable heat innovator Naked Energy


E.ON partners with the British company Naked Energy, as a part of a groupwide Innovation program. Naked Energy’s solar heat and hybrid technology supports customers with high energy demand and limited available space providing high energy density solar technology.

Christophe Williams, CEO and co-founder of Naked Energy, says, “The need to decarbonise urban and industrial heating has never been more urgent, and the team at EIS share our vision for ambitious energy solutions that are future-proof, smart and efficient. This deal marks an exciting step forward in Naked Energy’s journey as we scale our operations globally. We look forward to beginning our work together.”

The E.ON Group is one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks and energy infrastructure and a provider of innovative solutions for its city, industry and consumer customers. E.ON runs multiple worldwide Innovation programs like “Free Electrons” to find, test and scale new technology solutions like Naked Energy to drive forward the energy transition in Europe.

The deal will see Naked Energy’s solar technology deployed to commercial and industrial-scale projects across Europe and the United Kingdom run by E.ON´s business unit Energy Infrastructure Solutions (EIS). Once the pilot is completed, it will allow EIS to offer Naked Energy’s solar technology to a range of customers who will benefit from reduced fossil fuel usage and improved financial returns.

EIS provides integrated, sustainable, and digitally enabled energy solutions for cities and industries to reduce their carbon emissions. In 16 European countries, EIS services 1.5 million customers through 4,500 plants, which collectively produce 19 terawatt hours of heating, cooling, and steam and 12 terawatt hours of electricity.

Naked Energy is the British developer of the world’s highest energy density solar technology for flat roofs. Their solar heat collectors save up to four times the amount of carbon as standard solar PV panels and are perfectly positioned for the decarbonisation of heat in the global commercial and industrial space.

Naked Energy’s range of solar heat collectors are called Virtu. VirtuHOT is TÜV-certified and converts the sun’s energy into heat up to 120°C while its revolutionary solar PVT collector, VirtuPVT, simultaneously generates both PV electricity and solar heat up to 75°C. The business has also developed a complementary platform, Clarity247, to monitor the performance of Virtu as well as integrated technologies like PV panels in real time – something rarely seen in the industry.

The deal builds momentum for Naked Energy as they now scale their technology for a global market and complete their Series B funding round, targeting £30million.


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