Eaton and Green Motion bundle EV charging and battery storage


Eaton and Green Motion are touting bundled EV charging stations and battery storage for commercial sites. The two aim to sidestep UK grid constraints, which are likely to increase as electric vehicle penetration increases.

Eaton said the system can also integrate with onsite generation, such as solar PV, using intelligent charging management to maximise consumption, and storing it in the battery when required either for charging, back-up or to sell back to the grid. The storage component is modular and can currently scale to 200kW.

“It is critical that charging infrastructure keeps pace with EV adoption,” said Eaton energy storage business development manager, Richard Molloy. “This will necessitate new forms of flexibility to be implemented so the grid can manage the resulting increase in energy demand. 

“Failure to do so is already constraining the uptake of EVs as consumers are concerned about the lack of availability of charging facilities,” he suggested. “If the UK is to create a cleaner energy mix, support the electrification of transport and meet its net zero carbon emissions target by 2050, rapid change is required.”

Molloy claimed the Eaton-Green Motion partnership “will enable building owners to access the increased power required to install the EV charging infrastructure they want, while reducing the need for expensive and disruptive infrastructure upgrades and minimising the cost of energy”.

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