EDF acquires Pivot Power


EDF has acquired Pivot Power, the UK start-up bidding to build a network of 50MW batteries to provide grid services and high speed electric vehicle charging.

The firm announced plans to develop up to 2GW connected directly to the transmission system last year, which would require investment of up to £1.6bn.

To date, Pivot has planning, land and grid connection agreements in place at two sites in Kent and Oxford, where it is involved in the ‘superhub’ project. Last year it also announced planning permission for a big battery near Southampton.

EDF plans to deploy 10GW of storage over the next 15 years. It also wants to be a leader in electric mobility. It has also said that aggregation of flexibility across Europe is a “major interest”.

“Battery storage and electric vehicles are two key technologies which will help lower carbon emissions, alongside generation from renewables and nuclear,” said Simone Rossi, EDF Energy CEO. “The acquisition of Pivot Power shows EDF is investing in a wide range of projects to deliver the huge shift to low carbon energy the UK will need to reach net zero by 2050.”

Pivot Power co-founder and CEO, Matt Allen said: “Pivot Power’s purpose from the start has always been to accelerate the UK’s transition to a cost-effective, reliable, low-carbon energy system and in parallel fast-track the rapid adoption of clean transport. EDF Renewables shares our vision and of course brings the expertise, resources and platform to make this a reality.”

EDF is also rumoured to be in talks to buy UK EV charging firm Pod Point, though neither firm has confirmed talks.

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