Ecotricity touts ‘vegan’ electricity, plans vegan green gas

Dale Vince: Vegan energy push

Ecotricity is pushing its power as suitable for vegans, because its generation, largely wind and solar, contains no animal by-products.

The company said it will soon launch a vegan gas product too, using grass in anaerobic digesters (AD).

Ecotricity says it is the only supplier registered with the Vegan Society, and states that none of its generation sources use animal by-products, which can be present in biomass and AD-derived energy.

It calls out rival suppliers Good Energy, Bulb, and Octopus as supplying electricity that’s been generated using animals or animal by-products (it details these as slurry or manure-derived) and lists the animal-derived energy of other suppliers, including the big six, bar Eon and Scottish Power.

Founder Dale Vince, a vegan, called for Ofgem to mandate labelling of energy sourcing “so that people can make informed choices”.

Others in the market have also urged the regulator to implement more transparent labelling.

See details here.

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