Eelpower buys 20MW battery storage scheme from Anesco, plans 1GW


Eelpower has acquired the 20MW/20MWh Rock Farm battery storage scheme from Anesco for an undisclosed sum – and the firm plans to spend £500m over the next four years to create a 1GW storage portfolio. 

The Rock Farm scheme, located near Ludlow (Shropshire), houses 16 1.25MW BYD-manufactured storage units, developed and constructed by Anesco and commissioned by the company last month.

Anesco will provide operations and maintenance, while Limejump will use its capacity within its virtual power plant to generate returns through firm frequency response and arbitrage.

Following its acquisition of the 10MW Leverton storage scheme in NovemberEelpower has also acquired two storage schemes that will be commissioned later this year – a 10MW scheme near Winchester and an 8MW scheme in Cumbria. 

The company has plans to construct up to 80MW of electricity storage capacity over the next 6-8 months, with a further 100MW every 3-6 six months. 

“With the transition to a flexible, decentralised energy system moving at pace, Eelpower is responding to the market opportunity,’ said Eelpower CEO Mark Simon.

“We intend to deploy significant battery capacity – 1GW by 2022, to provide National Grid and local grid companies with the flexibility that the system needs while building a platform for us to profitably trade electricity. Our working relationship with Anesco has been invaluable, helping us to take advantage of the opportunities in the storage market.”

Anesco executive chairman, Steve Shine, said the firm “has now developed a number of highly successful projects with Eelpower and our teams work very well together. This project is a good example of the sort of profitable, large-scale project we are now focussed on”.

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  1. Hi Brendan, would you please confirm what you mean by 20MW (or any amount of MW / GW) of battery storage? Does it mean the battery system can provide 20MW output for 1 minute / hour / day / week?

    Confused ….


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