ESB buys 7MWh battery storage site from Anesco as developer shifts model


Irish utility ESB has acquired a 7MWh battery storage facility from Anesco.

The Mill Farm development in Lincolnshire went live in April.

“The site will enable us to develop the technical, commercial and regulatory expertise in battery storage and flexible technologies,” said ESB executive director of generation and wholesale markets, Jim Dollard. “This will help to make electricity systems more stable and reliable, while allowing for enhanced performance and flexibility of our existing and future plant.” 

Anesco will monitor the batteries for ESB. Executive chairman Steve Shine said the firm was “delighted” to be working with the utility on the project.

Separately Shine told The Energyst that the company was planning three further subsidy free solar-plus-storage projects after successfully developing the Clayhill Farm site.

He said the company was also looking at flow batteries behind-the-meter and is in discussions with flow storage firm RedT.

Shine added that while “the smart operators are buying [storage] assets from us”, Anesco “would like to keep some of these assets ourselves” to help fund further projects, “because the  returns we are seeing are good”.

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