Electric Tevva truck to drive skills at Mira


Mira Technology Institute (MTI) has taken delivery of a new Tevva battery-electric truck, that will enable students and apprentices to see how the technology works in practice.

The 7.5 tonne vehicle, which is based at MTI’s workshops in Nuneaton, is driven by two electric traction motors that use no rare earth materials.

It comes with a regenerative braking system that harnesses kinetic energy to boost vehicle range, and also has a high voltage power distribution system and proprietary embedded software.

The MTI was developed to support the automotive sector by focusing on emerging technology areas including connected and autonomous vehicles and electric cars.

It enables students to gain an awareness and understanding of electric and hybrid vehicles, so that they can learn how to inspect, diagnose, and rectify systems and components.

Since it first opened its doors, the MTI has welcomed more than 42,500 students and delegates.

Lisa Bingley, Operations Director for the MTI said, “We chose to invest in a Tevva vehicle because the brand is spearheading the rapid shift to decarbonisation and cleaner greener freight.

“The presence of the truck in our workshop will really help to contextualise students’ knowledge and enhance their learning experience and understanding of EV technology.”

Ken Scott, Managing Director of Tevva said, “The decarbonisation of trucking and wider transportation not only relies on new technology, but people.

“We need people with the skills and knowledge of how battery-electric and hydrogen-electric powertrains work.

“The MTI is doing an excellent job of addressing the skills gap and training a new generation of engineers and technicians. Tevva is delighted to be part of this vital endeavour.”


  1. The article also mentions the Tevva 7.5 ton hydrogen-electric truck which is much like the battery only version supplied to MIRA and might have been a better loan to MIRA as it is similar but with a much smaller battery backed up with a hydrogen fuel cell, to give students experience of hydrogen-electric power that will be needed for larger commercial vehicles .


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