Renewable energy’s value to East Anglia’s economy could soar to £3.5 billion by 2035, double the sector’s regional total today, according to advocates for clean power.

Just under 12,000 jobs now in wind, solar and biomass in the counties from Essex north to Lincolnshire stand to rise by over 40% to nearly 16,500 by 2035, the Renewable Energy Association is forecasting.

Today biomass alone employs 3,600 people in the east of England region, the REA’s analysis finds.

Sponsored by controversial biomass burners Drax, importers of American-grown wood pellets to north Yorkshire, the REA’s “State of the industry” report includes economic projections provided by consultants Innovas.

The REA stresses a continuing need for Westminster and Whitehall to create a more positive policy environment for renewables and clean energy businesses, if the sector’s potential to boost clean growth regionally and across the country is to be seized.

REA’s national forecasts show there will be 210,000 jobs in the UK renewable energy and clean technologies industry by 2035, representing an additional 70,000 jobs compared to 2021.

REA boss Dr Nina Skorupska CBE said: “Our annual review22 showcases the potential of the renewable energy and clean technology sector for the East of England.

“We are projecting thousands of new jobs and hundreds of millions of pounds being added by the sector in East of England. These figures could be even greater, should the Government deliver the right support.

“Of course, these numbers are by no means guaranteed, and if the Government continues to provide patchy and unreliable policy”, Skorupska warned.

“We are clear, tackling climate change and boosting our economy is not an ‘either-or’ decision. In fact, it goes hand in hand. I would urge the Government to recognise the opportunities on offer for the East of England and finally match their warm words with action.”

The REA’s annual report, REview22, can be read here in full:


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