Energy Systems Catapult opens up free energy data tools for SMEs and innovators


The Energy Systems Catapult has launched a new set of free data tools designed to help energy innovators access relevant data faster, and connect them with potential partners and sources of funding.

The Energy Knowledge Exchange, or ETX, allows users to explore summaries of existing energy knowledge, research and data. The aim is to help them save time, overcome innovation barriers and avoid dead ends.

It uses a digital index service that responds to searches by signposting additional related information – much like a smart search engine – tailoring suggestions to each user.

“Energy innovators and SMEs told us that invaluable information already exists across many websites and databases, but getting access can be difficult and time consuming,” said Energy Research Catapult (ERC) innovation director, Eric Brown.

Hence the ERC developing the platform, funded by Innovate UK, which “connect the dots and unlocks valuable resources”, Brown added.

“It enables users to quickly and easily navigate relevant pages across multiple information sites, technical databases and funding resources. We expect this to grow and evolve over time and welcome user feedback – I’d encourage all energy innovators to sign-up for the [free] advanced EKK releases.”

Energy Innovators can sign up to get EKX advanced editions for free here.

Knowledge providers are invited to join the EKX Forum – giving access to the EKX Portal.

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