Energy being wasted by ageing transformer assets


Erika Wilson, from Wilson Power, believes there will be significant opportunities around the STOR markets and renewables in 2019, while the company is also witnessing increased discussion around electric vehicles and infrastructure.

“It will be interesting to see how the grid copes with electric vehicles over the next few years. There are big challenges ahead,” commented Wilson, speaking at The Energyst Event.

She also highlighted the digitalisation of energy, “from the grid, all the way down to the consumer”, as a key trend. There will be continued discussion around these platforms and a focus on how businesses can be enabled to distribute generated energy. Furthermore, Erika Wilson raised the serious issue of transformer losses, highlighting the current state of the UK’s transformer assets.

“The average age of a distribution transformer is 63 years old, which is a shock to many customers. People are running transformers that are silent energy guzzlers – 3% of all energy generated worldwide is just wasted through transformer losses.”

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