Green Energy Consulting: Exporting UK procurement expertise to Europe


Green Energy Consulting outlines its work for UK clients – and it’s planned expansion into Europe in this sponsored post.

Due to our vision and drive, we are confident that our services make a real difference to the environment and our clients. We assist our clients with all issues from energy management to consumption reduction strategies. We pay attention to the ever-changing utilities market and introduce measures that will help tackle the challenges the industry is facing.

We pride ourselves on the holistic service we offer to our clients – going above and beyond simple procurement to offer a turnkey solution to energy management.

Our work throughout the UK

Our consultancy service allows our clients to adopt the most sustainable approach to consuming energy, as such, improving their green credentials enabling them to deliver against brand values, without the added cost. We work with a vast range of clients, across various industries including, for example; Kurt Geiger, Spud u Like, Sixt and L’Occitane.

We understand the dynamics of operating within the energy market – we are completely independent and always look to add value to our clients from SME to Corporate level. GEC conducts a fully managed tender process for all clients – ensuring the best contract terms. Our bespoke system encourages buy-in from all suppliers, which in turn results in an extremely competitive tendering process through which our clients can save time, energy and money.

We have relationships with across the supplier market, from the Big Six, through to independent, regional and renewable suppliers – which helps us to get the best deal for each client. Due to the buying power of our portfolio, we can offer 100% renewable electricity and green gas to out clients.

Our energy experts carry our regular market analyses to identify changes in the industry that may affect our clients. We have worked with over 100 companies to facilitate their compliance with the ESOS scheme and identify behavioural changes and technological solutions to help reduce their energy consumption and enhance sustainability performance.

European Expansion

Through continuous examination of the market, we endeavour to come up with new ways for organisations, in any area, to benefit from services that have beneficial influences on the environment – this is why we have taken the opportunity to expand into the European Union.

To provide clients with the same level of service in Europe that we do in the United Kingdom, we chose to build a team of experienced European Energy Consultants. We are initially launching in France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and Italy during the initial months of the projects, with plans to provide full European coverage in the coming months. Our existing service to clients is based upon having highly skilled Energy Consultants and Account Managers provide an efficient and effective solution that fits with a clients’ expectations and needs – allowing them to save more than just money. By having access to customer consumption information, our Sustainability Consultants can conduct desktop audits of energy consumption against equipment on site to identify opportunities of energy savings. The new European function will follow the same methodology, and will offer clients the ability to access a level of service often taken for granted in the United Kingdom. The staff have years of combined experience throughout Europe providing large multinational clients with an extremely high level of service, intelligent purchasing, and costed opportunities for reducing energy consumption.

Integrated procurement across UK & Europe

An advantage of having an integrated procurement strategy throughout the United Kingdom and Europe is that is allows for a more efficient procurement, account management, and sustainability service. Our wide market coverage in Europe combined with our full market coverage in the United Kingdom ensures that we can provide the opportunity to streamline the number of energy suppliers – reducing the complexity of billing in the portfolio – while taking advantage of economies of scale. A single point of contact for sustainability ensures that we can provide reporting on consumption on a European level and provides the opportunity for clients to implement group wide sustainability practices.

Our future plans

Given our success in the United Kingdom, and our early work with some of our multinational clients in Europe, we see this as being a key part of the organisation moving forwards. We are looking to bolster the European function within the coming months to provide coverage across the entirety of the region – taking advantage of existing supplier relationships and building our new relationships to provide a wide panel for future procurement activities. Although we have conducted work with some of our multinational clients in Europe already, we continue to add to our existing client portfolio by taking on new opportunities across France, Spain, and Germany. We have expanded our in-house energy management platform Energetics to deal with region specific data, and will be offering clients a solution that provides group wide usage coverage.

We continue to rise from strength to strength as we always look to develop new consumption reduction strategies, that are simple, unique and at a minimal cost to the environment. Our forward and innovative thinking is just a small part of what makes us stand out in the energy sector.

If you’d like to speak to our experts on any energy management services, please contact 0191 300 6161 or email us at


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