Electricity North West has launched its spring 2024 contracts for flexibility services, seeking to better the £20million they secured over the past year towards deferring costs of network upgrades.

The DNO says its latest tender offers a broader mandate and a more streamlined process for participation compared to the previous tender.

Highlights include:

  • 486MW of flexibility sought across 29 locations in Greater Manchester, Cumbria & Lancashire
  • access to a combined revenue of more than £7 million over a four year period

The tender is now available on both ElectronConnect and Piclo Max, providing multiple avenues to participate and greater visibility.

Flexibility services, which offer a smarter, more efficient alternative to traditional network reinforcements, are set to play a crucial role in managing energy demand and supply effectively across the North West.

“Our spring flexibility tender reflects our commitment to a more inclusive and accessible flexibility market,” said Ben Grunfeld, strategy and growth director at Electricity North West.

“We are seeking significant capacity from across the North West, and we are making it easier for flexibility providers to participate through industry-leading platforms like ElectronConnect and Piclo Max.”

Building on the foundation set through previous tenders, this latest call for flexibility services marks a pivotal step in adapting to the changing dynamics of energy consumption, generation, and trading.

Full details on the spring tender, including the interactive flexibility map showcasing our latest requirements and the ability to book a one-on-one discussion, can be found Electricity North West’s website: Latest Requirement – Flexible Services.

In 2022, ENW appointed Gillian Williamson as its chief technical officer, one of the first women to hold a senior engineering role in regional distribution.


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