Eon strikes smart lighting deal with enModus


Eon has struck a deal with enModus. The energy company’s Connected Energies division will now deliver smart lighting services using the Chepstow-based firm’s technology.

EnModus says it can make any building smart. The company uses power line communications instead of wifi and has claimed some massive savings for companies such as Virgin Media and retailer Claire’s in recent months.

CEO and co-founder, Andy Heaton, said the deal with Eon was “momentous” for the company and would enable enModus to expand into Europe.

“They have a vision of transforming yesterday’s power lines into tomorrow’s smart energy networks and enModus has Wattwave our patented power line communications technology to deliver that connectivity.”

Garance Emmerich-Bundel, head of product management and engineering, Eon Connecting Energies, said “the agreement with enModus gives us the opportunity to offer our customers new solutions that drive energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions”.

Eon has already installed the technology at its research centre in Aachen, Germany, where it will provide connected lighting and occupancy mapping as the building’s initial stage of ‘smart-ness’. Other smart technologies will be added to improve energy efficiency and occupant wellbeing.

The deal with enModus, whose technology is primarily aimed at b2b customers, follows Eon’s UK launch of its smart home solution. The energy company aims to deploy connected lighting, power and heating that is controlled by a ‘virtual home assistant’ capable of learning inhabitants’ habits, for example anticipating when they will return home and adjusting heating accordingly.

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