Equans plays key role in delivering industry-leading ‘smart’ building in Leeds


Equans has been instrumental in the digital transition of the newly refurbished 12 King Street, Leeds into an industry-leading example of a ‘smart’ building – through the installation of its SMARTR Multisense platform.

Owned by Fiera Real Estate UK (FRE UK) and Opus North, 12 King Street is a 54,000 square foot development, set over seven floors, that was re-designed to put wellbeing and sustainability at its heart.

Delivering a smart, cross-functional building

The SMARTR Multisense device network installed in the building by Equans connects peo-ple, things and places by providing the integration of infrastructure and management of the different intelligent systems. This enables users to customise their own experiences while delivering major operational benefits to the building operators.

King Street has achieved its advanced ‘smart’ status through the implementation of a range of smart, connected building technologies operated on demand through a vast network of multi-sense devices. These include EnOcean, Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee, Dali, WiFi, PIR and Lux. All of the technologies are cross-functional and interactive within a sin-gle Multisense network device and together they help manage the need for services such as heating, cooling, lighting and cleaning as well as space management due to real-time monitoring of occupancy levels.

The newly renovated building also has a BREEAM Excellent rating and will deliver a 14% reduction in carbon emissions, 29% less energy consumption for heating and cooling, and 42% less water consumption. As a smart building, sensors throughout the building will en-sure it remains optimised.

Mark Davenport, Smart Buildings director at Equans UK & Ireland, said, “We are delighted to have partnered with Fiera Real Estate UK and Opus North to support the digital transition of King Street into an industry-leading smart, integrated and connected building. The suc-cess has been possible due to a shared ambition and vision to positively change the way the refurbishment of a building is delivered, driving innovation for a better-connected work-place.”

Ryan Unsworth, director at Opus North commented, “Choosing SMARTR and deploying these smart technologies was, for us, the obvious way forward. Now, we are future-proofed and have the flexibility to keep on modernising. This is critical to supporting the ESG agen-da, and something we can clearly demonstrate to our investment stakeholders through the building’s performance reporting. I am proud of our commitment to delivering a truly future-proofed building that is energy-efficient and provides the ultimate end-user experience.”

Equans Digital, accelerating the digital transition

Through its SMARTR platform, Equans develops, deploys and integrates market leading smart technology to enhance the built environment. By acting as a strategic partner, Equans is also able to generate value for building owners, operators and users through cost and carbon reduction as well as the enhancement of building performance and usabil-ity. SMARTR enables users to remotely interact with their building and its assets – benefit-ting people and the environment, as well as optimising cost.


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