Equinix completes Telecity acquisition


MoneyEquinix has completed its £2.6bn acquisition of Telecity. The move doubles its capacity in Europe and adds over 1,000 new customers to its books.

Both shareholders and regulators approved the deal this week. Along with the earlier acquisition of Bit-isle, Equinix has added another 40 data centres to its roster. It now has 145 data centres globally and will add seven new European countries to its portfolio, including Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Turkey.

Telecity’s Chairman, John Hughes, will join the Equinix’s board of directors while Equinix’s EMEA president, Eric Schwartz, will serve as the head of the combined regional business in EMEA.

“Today is a very important day for Equinix as we close the acquisition of Telecity, which is a significant milestone in our 17-year history,” said Steve Smith, president and CEO, Equinix. “By increasing the scale of the Equinix interconnection platform in key markets throughout Europe, we are able to better serve global enterprises while creating meaningful shareholder value.”

John Hughes, outgoing executive chairman, TelecityGroup, and board member, Equinix said:

“The combination of Equinix and Telecity gives businesses more choice for interconnection, which is increasingly important in this highly digital age, when customers rely on connectivity to drive competitive advantage. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all the committed, talented employees at Telecity who together built Europe’s premium data center business and remain committed to the smooth integration of our two companies. It is with great pleasure that I will continue to work with the combined business as a member of Equinix’s board of directors.”

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