Esos or not, firms must make energy efficiency number one priority says Energy Institute


shutterstock_125240273-1The Energy Institute (EI) is committed to improving energy efficiency across industry and has developed a variety of resources to support this. Whether you are looking for help with ESOS, want to find a Lead Assessor, reduce your organisation’s energy costs or simply find ways to reduce your impact on the environment, the EI outlines how it can help in this sponsored post.

Complying with ESOS regulation

The EI’s ESOS toolkit is designed for those undertaking audits to comply with ESOS legislation. It will be valuable to anyone working towards ESOS compliance, whether as a Lead Assessor or by someone within a company preparing to appoint an assessor.  The toolkit provides an overview to ESOS, tools for collating energy data and conducting lifecycle cost analyses. The kit also provides standard templates for costings, audits and drawing up terms and conditions.

The EI also provides a free energy saving advice service. Customers can get in touch with their queries and consultants will come back within 5 working days to provide up to 20 minutes of free advice. Working with an energy consultant will be a new experience for many companies, and can help them to identify potential energy saving opportunities and ensure that they are compliant with ESOS.

Events and training

The EI has two forthcoming courses: Acting as an ESOS lead assessor on 24 September 2015, a one-day programme for staff involved in carrying out the ESOS process to understand the practicalities of calculating their organisation’s energy consumption, identifying areas for audit and ensure they are compliant with ESOS regulations. The second is Preparing your organisation for ESOS, held on 28 October 2015. This is ideal for Lead Assessors and consultants, and will cover the ESOS timetable and regulations, methods of conducting an ESOS assessment and reporting requirements.

Conducting an effective staff awareness campaign

Making the effort to engage staff in saving energy can be a cost-effective way to cut emissions and costs. EnergyAware is an innovative 30-minute online tool focussed on raising energy awareness in the workplace. EnergyAware will provide your staff with an insight into energy consumption and the impact this has on cost in the workplace. It will help them create a customised, actionable checklist of behaviour changes and smart technology decisions that they can take away and implement. EnergyAware helps your organisation develop a company-wide commitment to energy efficiency so you can reduce your energy costs and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Accelerating Energy Efficiency – 13 January 2016, London

Successfully managing energy demand in the workplace requires a vast skills set – engineer, data analyst, behavioural psychologist, architect, designer and project manager. Not to mention a good grasp of the changing legislative landscape. The EI’s one-day annual energy efficiency conference will look at the lifecycle of an energy efficient project, and provide key information on how to accelerate the delivery of energy efficiency projects, to ensure that the UK can meet its climate change targets. To register your interest, contact Francesca Ferrari via email on

Further information on how the EI can help you make energy efficiency your number one priority can be found at

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